Enlighten your web development

A high velocity web framework to build
modular and dynamic applications in Java

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Wisdom lets you build modular web applications. Instead of having everything in one package you can structure your application as you want, making pieces replaceable and adaptable.

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Wisdom applications are natively dynamic, and can adapt themselves to meet new expectations and coping with environment fluctuations.

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Wisdom provides everything you need to develop web applications: efficient development, tests, deployment, monitoring, administration... But, everything is customizable and extensible.

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Full Stack

The Wisdom technical stack relies on well-tried technologies integrated in a modular way. It covers development, testing, deployment, monitoring and administration.

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Wisdom is a full stack based on Java and its ecosystem. And yes, Java can be used to build modern web applications without disowning itself, and actually it does it very well.

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Wisdom relies on OSGi™ to enforce its modularity. OSGi™ is the most mature modularity model for Java. But don't worry, Wisdom makes it easy.

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Apache Maven

Apache Maven is one of the most used build tools for Java applications. Wisdom relies on it but extend it to make development fast without breaking reproducibility and industrialization.