Release Notes

# Issue
550 Problem with RequestRouter#FilterSet Imutable iterator and Collections.sort with guava 19
549 Add a configuraiton option to disable the ehcache implementation of the Cache service
548 Use ImageMin to minimize resources
546 Integrate typescript to the wisdom maven plugin
545 Upgrade apache felix version to support java 8u66
544 Exception in router makes Wisdom a Zombie
535 Request body truncated when it exceed "request.body.max.size"
# Issue
502 Configuration file update fails
501 Support customization of the raml files location
499 Add collapse support in the monitor menu
498 Path computation issue in RAML
497 NPE in the Raml Maven Plugin
496 Typo in package
# Issue
494 HTTP Compression leads to data corruption
492 Support conditional instantiation
491 Add support for an instances directory in source
490 Support several files sets in javascript and CSS aggregation
489 JavaScript and CSS aggregation should support 'remove included files'
488 Update coffeescript version to 1.9.2
487 [wisdom-raml] The raml js console-api bug if both the controller path and the route uri are an empty string.
486 JacksonSingleton should not force FAIL_ON_UNKNOWN_PROPERTIES on us
485 Support the configuration of the clean CSS version
484 RAML - Issue when a controller does not have a @Path with a value
483 Open the configuration of cleanCSS arguments
482 Minify css files that are results of less compilation
480 Ability to include / exclude files with patterns for javascript compilation / aggregation / minification and same for less
479 WebJar watch mode does not work as expected
478 Add IT Tests for encoding + minor fix in HttpClientHelper
477 Pipeline error when a JS file is deleted
476 wisdom-monitor : add params to routes service
475 Configure assets controller(s)
472 Support Vert.X Compression range
471 Wisdom Parent should comply to new Sonatype OSS Requirement
470 Add configuration parameter to enable compression on Vert.xengine
469 Charset not managed correctly in HTTPResponse (BlackboxTest)
468 Document time unit of async timeout
465 Remove the mandatory aspect of the application.conf
464 Etag computation in i18n
463 Refactor HTTP(s) server declaration
462 How does authentication work?
461 Issue in executors documentation
460 Form Parser should support setter methods
459 Broken response when XML parsing failed
458 @Body should allow Parametric Types for Json mapping
457 Move akka to extension
456 Customize requests and results type
455 Refactor how the known mime types list is loaded
332 Distinguish HTTPs and HTTPs Mutual Authentication ports
142 -Dshell does not work
129 Adds the wisdom-apidocs (or whatever name it should have) to extensions
12 Chunked transfert should be handled in another thread.
# Issue
453 Add support for vertx.pool.eventloop.size and
451 Add install bundle feature to the wisdom monitor
450 Only one Blackbox test can require the probe bundle
449 Ease the packaging of bundle when depending on bundle forward compatible
448 New stability support
447 Fix notion of module in FileWebJarLib and http://localhost:9000/assets
446 iPOJOHelper is not compatible with wisdom 0.7.0 and 0.7.1-SNAPSHOT
445 how to tell wisdom to not filter files inside conf dir
441 Wisdom Monitor 0.7.1-SNAPSHOT present in distribution
439 Javascript aggregation configuration always produce a minimized version. [0.7.0]
438 Ease the usage of the jquery i18n plugin with the i18n controller
437 Allow the i18n controller to receive the locale as query parameters
436 Internationalization should support the same way to describe locale as the Java Resource Bundle
435 Update node version to 0.12
434 Improve how wrapped mojos are invoked
433 Support compiler configuraiton using properties
432 Scheduled job not submitted when the scheduler re-appears
430 Java 8 test compilation
424 Allow the watch mode to be launched with custom JVM arguments
423 how to enable assertion with wisdom ?
422 Provide a method to get a 'File' object from a 'FileItem' object
421 A bad request result should be returned if the size of the uploaded files exceed the max file size
420 Broken configuration of enabled websockets sub-protocols
419 Support Vertx-based clustering using HazelCast
418 Expose the Vertx Event Bus a service
416 Executor monitoring from the wisdom monitor
411 Small enhancements of the Result class to access flash and session
410 the Context implementation for Vertx does not return the list of uploaded files
409 Form body parser should support Path Parameter
408 The Form body parser should support multipart/form
407 Cache service enhancement with generics
406 Internationalization support for the validation constraints
404 Cannot enable the 'test' and 'prod' mode when the 'application.configuration' property is set
403 Crypto Service Enhancements
402 Add support for thymeleaf template extension
401 Improve presentation of the iPOJO architecture in the monitor
399 Support custom validation constraints
398 Replace Akka by a Thread Pool / Executor service
396 SockJS integration
392 Csrf Support
348 Some critical error should also be added to the wisdom.log file
# Issue
395 Fixed bug with i18n services
394 Cache extension build fails on tests
393 Update Chameleon Core and iPOJO
391 Do not let test playing with ""
390 Let users add extensions to the set of non-filtered extensions
389 Build wisdom from scratch fails
387 Switch application configuration syntax to HOCON
386 Add a parameter to remove the asciidoctor execution from the watch mode
385 Add support for EPUB3 generation in the asciidoctor extension
384 Refactor the pdf support in the asciidoctor extension
383 Protect the Jackson Repository against NPE on departure
380 Unmapped FileItem should not be injected in @FormParameter
379 Bindings.create() is called twice for each request
378 Update Jackson to 2.4.3
377 Use a whiteboard pattern to expose new Jackson Module
376 [wisdom-test]Create assertj assertions specific to the wisdom api.
372 Let Blackbox tests deploy the probe bundle
371 Update surefire and failsafe to the 2.18 version
370 Extend the Request class
367 ProxyFilter
366 update vertx to 2.1.4 to fix the SSL v3 security issue
336 Jersey Context
335 Webjar packaging
334 Support CSS aggregation
333 Support JavaScript aggregation
289 Provide a way to create a custom object based on the incoming HTTP request
288 Switch to Vert.X
# Issue
369 Expose the MetricRegistry as a service
368 Provide an @Async feature
365 Selective test inclusion may select IT tests instead of unit test
362 Videos files (mp4, ogv, webm) seems to be corrupted by filtering
360 [api-model] The onCommited handler is not set in the FluentTransaction
359 Add sun.* and sun.reflect.* packages to bootdelegation
357 Filter instance not released when leaving
355 Update node to 0.10.32
354 Add includes/excludes parameter to the asciidoctor support
353 Add pdf support to the asciidoctor plugin
344 Support the embedding of Maven dependencies inside bundle
339 Provide Graylog2 support
292 TemplateProcessingException while passing params
262 JPA support
# Issue
352 Make the Watch Mode refresh period customizable
349 Web server down when a REST ressource is badly declared
347 Negotiation should support async results
346 Unpack webjar
345 Bundle Packaging - merge the osgi.bnd file with the Wisdom defaults
341 Let Wisdom determine which format need to be returned to the client
337 Provide a parameter source to inject values from the request scope
331 Enhance documentation explaining how to avoid Thread Locals
329 Directories created by Wisdom into conf/configurations seems to be editable
327 Pom file reload does not update the mojo instances used in the pipeline
326 Watch mode / Maven error handling improvement
325 Watch Mode should call the 'package' phase on pom reload
324 Bundle Packaging fails when there are no sources and resources
323 Extend the types supported by the Application Configuration
322 Unit test execution in watch mode
321 The @Cached should not re-cache cached result
# Issue
320 Ease the usage of @Cached
318 Watch mode improvements
317 Update to asciidoctor 1.5
316 Update to coffeescript 1.8.0
315 The new bundle packaging does not include the processed resources
313 Node Execution Working Directory
312 Provide a mojo/watcher to use any Node Tools
311 Wisdom as a service script improvement
310 Wisdom Monitor does not work on https
308 Extend the create mojo to create a 'blank' project
307 The slf4j configuration should use an async appender by default
305 Improvement on webjar management
304 Bundle packaging does not include resources the right way
303 Asset Page does not respect CACHE-CONTROL
299 To be homogeneous, we should rename the 'attributes' method from the context
298 Update to node 0.10.30
297 The Cache Service does not support restart
295 Can't call static method from template
291 Provide an Extension Registry
290 Merge ExecutableFinder and ExecUtils
287 Bundles copied in 'application' should used qualified names
# Issue
286 Hot reload on pom file modification failing on Windows
285 optipng and jpegtran should be searched in the system path
284 Add ARM Support in NodeManager
283 Update to Chameleon Core 1.10.1
282 Small doc improvements
281 Introduce a Request 'scope'
279 Provides more default variable in the templates
278 Filters does not get removed when updated under watch mode
277 CSS minification not supported by Wisdom
276 Why do I need to specify the maven-ipojo-plugin in my pom files?
275 Allow JavaScriptCompilerMojo to generate .min.js files instead of -min.js
272 Controller detected only when using the @Controller annotation
271 NPE on getMimeTypeForFile()
270 Some documentation typo
269 Fix documentation typo
268 Should be able to 'install' a project while running
267 @Service should support the specifications attribute.
266 configure https using application configuration and support SSL client a...
265 Automatically restart wisdom:run when maven pom is modified
264 HTTPS client authentication
263 Missing bundle installation in Wisdom with transitive dependency and scope "test"
261 Support non-bundle dependencies
# Issue
260 Provide a Wisdom Watcher compiling Markdown files
259 Configure less compiler options
257 Incomplete body content
256 Configuration folder is mandatory for Wisdom Maven Plugin
255 Exception Mapper
254 Junk created when configurations are stored
252 Filters not bound correctly when they have the same priority
251 Create an archetype to easily write Watchers
250 Pipeline's error should be cleared when launching the watch mode
248 Route with dynamic part
245 Provide a page listing available assets
244 Update less version to 1.7.3
243 Update node version to 0.10.29
232 Provide a Maven archetype usable from Eclipse
13 Expose an asset router
# Issue
240 Allow Wisdom to run on top of Equinox instead of Felix
239 WebSocket Messages failed to be converted
238 Implement The Felix ConfigAdmin PersistenceManager to make Configuration persistent
236 Extend the wisdom-maven-plugin to configure the wisdom directory
235 Add support for the @Service annotation
233 Add HTTP Client to Wisdom
230 Fluentlenium requires some config
229 Https and Java 8
228 Extend bundle packaging heuristics with 'model' and 'entity'
227 TypeScript Support
223 Document how to extend the wisdom build process
222 Better stability detection in integration-test
219 TIME_FACTOR not set while launching the server in integration-tests
218 Add support for a bean converter
217 Add support for @FormParameter
216 Add support for @CookieParameter
215 Add support for @HttpParameter
214 Add support for @QueryParameter
213 Provide @PathParameter support
212 Add @DefaultValue
211 Support collection, list and set as parameters
210 Create parameters from 'eligible' classes
209 Improve the path and query parameter object creation
208 Update to node 0.10.28
207 The HEAD handling is not compatible with RFC2616
205 Add a random port support
204 Enhancement proposal: support Jersey like Parameters and Providers
201 Provide a controller view in the monitor
196 Java 8 support
26 Would it be possible to report compilation and other pipeline error in a web page ?
# Issue
206 Response should contains the SERVER header
203 chameleon.bat does not work
202 Extension monitor cannot use the monitor security authenticator
200 Style issue in the wisdom monitor when a new extension category is added
199 Async result cannot use the current HTTP context
198 Issue in the application configuration implementation when using the watcher service on shutdown
197 Update the release process documentation
# Issue
195 Document the wisdom monitor
194 enhance dependencies in the generated project
193 Broken computation of the application base directory
192 Support fluentlenium
191 Flash cookie not loaded and wrong expiration date
190 Broken form mapping on primitive types
189 Wrong default encoding in RenderableString
188 The documentation application have too much content
187 Issue in JSON rendering using raw String
186 Provide a startup script for Windows platform
185 JSON parse error in monitor dashboard
184 Wisit terminal instance and factory result ansi color are not displayed properly in some case.
183 The Request.accept method must support wildcard
182 The reverse routing must encode the query part and segment parameters
181 Provide jsonp support
180 The @Parameter and @Attribute should support arrays
179 Boolean parameters and attributes should support "yes", "on", and "1"
178 Set the thymeleaf cache TTL to the strict minimum in dev mode
177 Adds the documentation and the monitor to generated projects
176 Websocket dispatching should be asynchronous
175 Issue in cookie encoding
174 Broken computation of reverse route using query parameters
173 Charset ignored when the content-type contains the charset
170 Eclipse xml integration example is not visible on main wisdom site
169 Wisit does not support in-command auto-completation
168 Flash success and error cannot be consumed as stated in the template
167 Thymeleaf does not remove template from the registration map
166 NPE in the WisdomHandler is the channel is cleaned up after having become inactive
165 Broken modification detection in CacheUtil
164 Wisdom Monitor - Support sending data to Graphite
163 Wisdom Monitor - Add authentication support
162 Wisdom Monitor - Active requests always 0
161 Migrate the main Wisdom build to Cloudbee's OSS program
160 Update the favicon of the project archetype
159 WebJarController does not work on windows without precising library name in the url
158 Results.ok(ObjectNode) should use JsonNode
157 wisdom-maven-plugin NodeManagerTest fails due to uninstalled coffeescript
156 Fixes #155 by using System line feed (as do jackson)
155 RenderableTest#testRenderableJson fails on Windows
154 AkkaScheduler should be valid if there is no scheduled service
153 Document the authentication/autorization mechanism
151 Why is release process numbering not translated in HTML ?
150 Update
149 Provide link from github to wisdom main site
148 @Path should not always add a / between the path and the route uri
147 The @View visitor should reject annotation without name
146 Should we provide an easier way to let controller accessing a logger
145 Integrate OW2 Chameleon 1.0.5
144 In watch mode modifying the osgi.bnd files should trigger the bundle packaging and redeployment
143 @Cached should respect the 'no-cache' policy
141 The create mojo create an illegal package directory structure
140 Update to less 1.7.0
139 Update to nodejs 0.10.26
138 The CoffeeScript mojo does not remove the map file on file deletion
137 The CoffeeScript mojo should allow setting the CoffeeScript (NPM) version
136 Webjar should also be embeded
135 Update the documentation about the extension
134 Structure the Wisdom web site to support the different versions
133 Add a parameter to not attach the distribution to the project
132 Improve the NPM execution output message
131 Make the wisdom-monitor modular
130 Integrate wisit to the wisdom-monitor
128 Adds the wisdom-monitor in extensions
127 All extensions should have the license plugin configured
126 Remove the release plugin from the parent pom
125 Provide a BOM project
123 Update slf4j
121 Configure the release process
120 Document the release process
119 Disable distribution packaging for all 'framework' modules and documentation
118 Update installation guide to use the latest release
116 Some 'well-known' bundles should be excluded from the transitive copy
98 Asciidoc support does not generate the page to the right place
93 Customize Thymeleaf log
42 RenderableString should support encoding settings
31 Document logging system
28 Support XML Bodies and Response
27 Document web socket
20 Document testing
# Issue
117 Incomplete injection of the flash values in templates
115 should be part of the package exported by the framework
114 WebSocket listeners should be notified on registration
113 Sending json to websocket send empty messages
112 Context and Response does not enforce the API style
111 maven pluging doesn't work
110 Wisit ansi colored command result does not show properly
109 Thymeleaf template breaks controller
108 The watch mode should allow accessing the 'shell prompt'
107 Wisdom-runtime is not properly deployed on the sonatype repository
106 Disable the zip creation in watch mode
105 Allow disabling the 'zip' distribution
104 Allow the deployment of test dependencies for tests
103 Update chameleon to 1.0.4
102 Argument Type Mismatch when an unbound route has parameters
100 Wamp unregistration fails
99 Support configuration dynamic update
97 Provide a new welcome page when generating a project
96 Fixed a bug where all dependencies were resolved assuming they were JAR files
95 Request should provide the parameters and headers
94 Mailer cannot load the mixed mime type support
92 Interception chain for asset routes
91 Support colors in log
90 Support transitive dependencies
89 Allows disabling image optimization
88 Disable Google Closure on webjars libraries.
87 Build failure since recent commit
86 Small improvements in the documentation (more to come)
85 Update coffeescript to version 1.7.1
84 Update to Chameleon 1.0.3
83 Allows specifying the supported websocket subprotocols
82 Add the OSGi event admin to Wisdom Runtime
81 Support the WAMP protocol
80 WebSocket handling should be asynchronous
79 The BundlePackager does not write the Exported Packages correctly
78 The websocket should support point to point interactions
77 Td reduction 2 the comeback
76 Technical debt reduction
75 HttpMethod.PATCH should be added
74 Refactor the thymeleaf template engine
73 First steps to add encoding capability to outbound traffic
72 Use Content_Type as other headers
71 Matching default create controller with doc
70 Documentation update
69 #65 fix submitted by tleveque
68 Pom overriding fix
67 Wisdom in Eclipse
66 exposing otf files in assets fails
65 watch mode does not update files into src/main/resources
64 Add start and stop mojos
63 exposing swf files in assets fails
62 Check that we can retrieve the body as JsonNode
61 Provide an easier way to retrieve the body as String
60 update basic and advanced encryption functions
59 Samples build fails
58 Crypto aes
56 Web socket should not require having a GET route on the web socket url
55 Extend packaging heuristics
54 add advanced encrypt/decrypt methods
53 wrong documentation about skipGoogleClosure
52 Add @Cached annotation
51 Add @Authenticated annotation
50 Document interception pattern
48 Configure the logs directory for tests
47 [wisit] Some commands result cannot be parsed with JSON.
46 Session Cookie encoding broken
45 The asciidoc mojo should delete generated file on a file delete
44 Ease the usage of web socket with json content directly
43 Useless now method in the flash cookies
41 Access to maven central
40 Align groupID and package names
37 Investigate JVM crash in watch mode
36 Migrate the file alteration monitor to java 7 NIO
35 Wisit should use the application.conf for the admin login and password.
34 Wisit exit command does not call logout
33 Wisit should support auto completion
32 Wisit should support basic login
29 Check ehcache packaging
25 Provide a mail service
24 Provide a scheduler service
23 Support I18N
22 Document template engine (thymeleaf)
21 Document cache service
19 Support smoke tests
18 Generate minified assets
17 Integrate google closure
15 Support service status and restart
14 Support asset minification and gz
11 File and URL response should be send as chunk by default
10 Support GZIP encoding
9 Implement the right delegation model for resources
8 Manage ETAG for resources
5 HTTP Action composition support
4 asciidoc compilation of internal resources
2 Ensure the watch pipeline to be mono-thread.
1 Result.with(Charset) should return this (Result) not void in wisdom-api