There is nothing to download

Pre-requisites before creating a project

However, Wisdom needs two things on your computer:

  1. Java 8+ (Java Development Kit)
  2. Apache Maven (3.3.1+)

The one-click project generation

Just fill the form below and copy and paste the generated command in a terminal. Navigate to the level of the generated project and type: mvn wisdom:run.
Happy coding !


mvn org.wisdom-framework:wisdom-maven-plugin:0.6.1:create \


mvn.bat org.wisdom-framework:wisdom-maven-plugin:0.6.1:create -DgroupId="YOUR_GROUPID" -DartifactId="YOUR_ARTIFACTID" -Dversion="YOUR_VERSION"

For further details about project creation, or about the Maven Archetypes that also let you generate projects from within your IDE, just check the reference documentation.